Encompass Manufacturing offers quality plastic injection molding services on a global scale by utilizing a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) to operate our business. This system is based on the International Standards (ISO) for quality and a passion for corporate citizenship. Certification of our quality system to international standards provides Encompass Manufacturing with a strong foundation to build and maintain our relationships with current and future associates and customers.
In order to provide quality plastic injection molded products consistently and cost effectively, every employee at Encompass Manufacturing plays a key role. By utilizing the ISO 9001 certification and the dedication of our staff, Encompass Manufacturing ensures we provide products that create the most value for our customers. Each team member follows controlled procedures with work instructions, visual standards and quality plans to produce quality parts. We also have a dedicated quality team member on every shift, to assist that shift with any quality questions or concerns. 
Encompass Mfg. offers plastic injection molded products and assemblies that meet a variety of customer request.  Encompass ensures complete traceability of our products, including raw materials, components, production and assembly. We also provide product recall systems and certifications of parts.
Encompass Manufacturing’s long-standing dedication to providing its customers with consistent quality, value and customer service has allowed the organization to earn respect from its loyal customers and provides the experience needed to create and maintain prosperous and productive relationships with future customers.

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